Four From Dragonscale – a Tenra Bansho Zero scenario

As promised in my earlier post on running Tenra, I’ve written up my scenario Four From Dragonscale as a full scenario, suitable for introducing a group of four players to the game.

I’ve uploaded it here as a barely-formatted, art-free .pdf – which should enable you to run it, or even better steal it for your own Tenra prep. Props to Albert Hwang for Lotus Blossom’s Bridal Path, the original Tenra introductory adventure (which I now can’t find a safe link to) – I’ve stolen most of the format of the scenario from that – and to my playtesters who brought in a lot of the character subplots. It’s also available on my page of downloads – along with an ever-growing set of other one-shot RPG resources.

Please let me have your feedback, either in the comments or through social media – especially if any of it ends up in play! As I said, it’s a barely-edited draft, so please excuse any lack of clarity.


  1. I run a small community for Spanish players of the game in Google+. Would you allow me to translate this to Spanish and upload it to our resources site?

    Thanks in advance.

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