Websites You Should Visit

Here are a few of the blogs that I try and keep up with:

The Alexandrian – when I want to get my Trad on, I go here. I found his posts on node-based adventure design to be really useful in plotting one-shot games.

All Rolled Up – is all you need for gaming bling and/or rules-light OSR Cthulhu mythos games.

D101 Games – is a great little games company. And Monkey! is one of the great one-shot games.

Go Play Leeds – is a monthly gaming meetup that I run in Leeds, UK. If you want to actually play/run some one-shots with me, and can make it over to Leeds for a Sunday afternoon, come join us!

Gnome Stew – a big, giant multi-writer blog that covers loads and loads of RPG stuff

Groundhoggoth – is where James Mullen talks about his games, which include the wonderful The ‘Hood, which I talk about here.

The Smart Party Podcast – Baz and Gaz talk a lot about games, and a lot about one-shots, and a lot of sense.

Reviews from R’lyeh – Pookie reviews games – lots of them – in much more detail than me; it’s always worth checking out his site before a new purchase.

Yore – Martin Ralya, who used to run Treasure Tables and started Gnome Stew (above), blogs about RPGs here. He turned me on to Action Movie World, which is a great on-shot PBTA game.