Ready-to-Run One Shots

The number of ready-to-run one-shots on here has grown since last time! I’ll try and keep this updated, but don’t hold me to that.

13th Age Glorantha

A re-skinning of Gringle’s Pawn Shop where you get to rescue the priestesses from the baboons. 1st-level.

Sting of the Scorpion Men, a one-shot for 4th level heroes.

Blades in the Dark

A fleshing-out of Gaddoc Rail, more an exploration of how you could run the game, but runnable as a one-shot.

Dungeons and Dragons (5e)

The Goblins and the Pie Shop, an orc-and-the-pie based 1st level one-shot.

Notes for running Dyson Logo’s Goblin Gully as a one-shot. The original dungeon is a free download and linked in the post.

Ravnica Airship Heist, a 3rd-level steampunky Ravnica one-shot.

The Rats of Rothsea, a 1st-level one-shot filled with rodents.

Tower of the Stirge, a 1st-level one-shot with a horror slant.

Notes for running Unsure Footing as a con one-shot – arctic talking animals (the source adventure is a free download and linked in the post). Talking animals introduce you to Rime of the Frostmaiden.. or, alternatively…

Into the Snow, a 1st-level one-shot written as a prelude to Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden


A one-shot for Red Planet, a pulp Soviet sci-fi raygun Fate World.


Auntie Wu’s Tea House, a one-shot for Hearts of Wulin set in a mountain pass with an advancing army

Manchester 1997, a set-up to run Urban Shadows 1st edition in a city where the fading glory of the Hacienda meets the factions of the supernatural.

The Forest of Doom, a setup to run the classic Fighting Fantasy gamebook as a Dungeon World one-shot.

Thirsty Sword Vingans, a Gloranthan set-up to play a marginalised tribe of misfits.


Bad Luck in Luckyland, a post-apocalyptic theme-park romp for 0 to 2-Mission characters.

Sentinel Comics

Day of the Manta Ray, a short con game for the Daybreak pregen group in the book.. Contains too many fish puns.

Star Wars (FFG)

Snowblind, an Age of Rebellion one-shot set on Hoth. Contains both Wampas and a Tauntaun chase.

Tenra Bansho Zero

Four From Dragonscale, an epic one-shot set amidst the cherry blossoms.

Urban Jungle

Round About Midnight, a noir adventure for the anthropomorphic noir game from Sanguine Press. Sort-of-investigative, uses the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes Principle of investigative games of punching clues out of people.


The Haunted Mill, a straightforward one-shot (or campaign starter) for Vaesen.