Gloranthan One-Shots – Ducks, Broo, and Basket-Weaving

I’m a relatively new convert to Glorantha, Greg Stafford’s legendary mythic fantasy setting, having come at it from 13th Age in Glorantha (and an extremely fun Heroquest campaign run by Newt Newport of D101 Games). It’s a big setting, and quite distinctive, and it carries with it challenges for the one-shot GM. To explore the […]

Ready-to-Run One Shots

The number of ready-to-run one-shots on here has grown since last time! I’ll try and keep this updated, but don’t hold me to that. 13th Age Glorantha A re-skinning of Gringle’s Pawn Shop where you get to rescue the priestesses from the baboons. 1st-level. Sting of the Scorpion Men, a one-shot for 4th level heroes. […]

2020: Year In Review

Okay, objectively, 2020 has been terrible, hasn’t it? Despite this, I’ve just had one of my best years in gaming – if not quite in blogging. Here are my greatest hits of 2020: Statistics At the start of the year, I started logging my games on a big Google Sheet. I’ve tried to do this […]